There's not much on this page yet.

Perhaps you're looking for the electoral methods program, celect_packaged.tar.gz(.bz2). It supports both single-winner and individual proportional representation, and implements CPO-STV, CFPRM, and D'Hondt without lists for PR; Dodgson, Simpson, Tideman/wv, first and second-order Copeland, and Schulze for Condorcet; and FPTP, Borda, 1/n Borda, Hare, Nanson, and 1/n Nanson for other single-winner methods.

Or maybe the file extraction program is what you want - ripper.tar.gz (ripper.tar.bz2), for extracting files from disk images with a damaged file system or where some files have been deleted. Currently the program supports and detects the following file formats: PNG, HTML, GIF, ZIP, LBM, PBM, ANM, BAT, BAS, RTF, HLP, WAV, WRI, JPG, ARJ, EXE, ANS, ZZT, FRM, text BAS, BMP, MZB, FLI, MSP, DOC, MZX, GDM, IT, S3M, SAV, BRD, LZH/LHA, MOD, XM, VOC, SVX, ABM, QUETZAL, and certain obscure MBBS-related formats corresponding to the files CALLERS, USERS.DAT and CONFIG.

If you like games where you have to program strategies instead of actually play yourself, take a look at K-Robots. It's a Linux implementation of the AT-Robots 2 programming game, wherein robots compete in an arena to be the last one standing. When you play, you do not control the robots themselves, but write assembly-style programs that do so.


Once, a long time ago, I used to create add-on modules for the game creation systems ZZT and MegaZeux. I'm no longer part of that "scene" (and left it years ago), but for the sake of preserving the past, you may download my games here.

English games:
For MegaZeux:

Norwegian games (norske spill):
For MegaZeux:

For ZZT:
Merk: De fleste av disse spillene inneholder brett som er kopiert fra andre ZZT-spill.

Jeg har laget noen flere ZZT-spill enn de som ligger her, men uheldigvis gikk de tapt da jeg byttet maskin / formaterte harddisken. Hvis du har en fil med navn SSPRANG.ZZT ("Det store spranget"), TORMODVE.ZZT, eller modulene/spillene Km's Verden 1 eller 2, send en e-post til meg.
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